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A device that transfers a door to your smartphone

by ladynews

The device connects to the Wi-Fi home network and sends the video and audio to your phone or tablet. In other words, you can speak with the guests of your house without approaching the door. Moreover, you may not be at home to chat with those who decided to call your door.

The device is called Ring Video Doorbell, although the project was originally called Doorbot. Last year, the company rebranded and finalized its gadget. The product has become much more sophisticated and pretty after the company has received very serious funding (as a startup project) in the amount of $ 28 million. Now Ring Video Doorbell not only sends you a signal when you press the doorbell, but also turns on independently when the motion sensors are triggered. This means that any suspicious people wandering around your door will be seen and filmed on the video.

The video in the new device is recorded in HD quality, and night vision mode is turned on at night.

Installation of such a device is carried out in a few minutes. If Ring Video Doorbell is stolen, the company undertakes to replace it. The cost of the device is $ 199

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