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Iron connection, or what welding machine do you need

by ladynews

Welding apparatus – an indispensable assistant to every household man. For household needs, and for work in production or in the forest, it is very important to choose a high -quality welding machine. After all, it is the correct choice of the tool that is the key to less laborious work.

Of course, if the choice is to be made to an experienced welder, he will not think for long about which welding machine is better to purchase. Having a certain experience, such a person probably knows what parameters the tool should correspond. But if you choose a welding machine to a simple layman or a novice specialist, then he will need the help of an experienced master who will tell you which device should pay attention to.

The work of all welding machines is based on the principle of an electric arc. But all these devices are used in different ways. In order to choose the right welding machine, it is very important to determine the class of tasks for which the tool is acquired: to determine the type of materials with which there is a need to work, the duration of the planned continuous cycle of work, the limiting value of the welding current. It must also be remembered that the price range of welding equipment is wide. Therefore, before buying it is necessary to study the technical capabilities of the device, paying attention to the modes and restrictions on operation.

Welding equipment is divided into such basic categories: specialized devices, transformers, machines, semiautomatic devices, welding systems in inert gases, contact welding devices, inverters.

If there is a need to purchase an inexpensive tool for welding ferrous metals, then a welding transformer of alternating current with a melting metal electrode is perfect. This is a tool that has a simple but reliable design. With it, you can cook metal and overlapping and overlap. More often such transformers operate from a 220V network. The electrodes of these welding machines are covered with fluoride-calcium or routine coating, and the welding current in the device is adjusted very smoothly.

A more complex design in welding straightforwards of direct current with melting electrodes. These output devices have a diode or thyristor rectifier, which allows to straighten alternating current. By the way, this becomes the cause of its main drawback – part of the power is lost, but a more stable arc is obtained. In addition, both ferrous and non -ferrous metals can be welded with these welding equipment.

Semiautomatic welding devices in an inertactive gas environment are characterized by high performance. They are convenient and reliable in use. But at the same time more expensive, so not everyone can be affordable. In addition, they are distinguished by a more complex design.

Welding inverters are considered the most “advanced”. The main advantages of such welding equipment are small weight and dimensions, the ability to work at a low input voltage, as well as the possibility of welding non -ferrous metals. Welding inverters are quite expensive.

When choosing a welding machine, it is worth remembering that these devices are divided into household, semi -professional and professional. Outwardly distinguishing all these devices is not easy, so it is important to remember the main thing: their main difference is in the value of the current characteristics. That is, if the characteristic of the current of the acquired device is equal to the indicator up to 150 A, then this is a household welding device. The current characteristic is up to 250 A inherent in semi -professional devices. And any welding equipment with a current characteristic above 250 is considered professional. To perform simple household welding tasks, a welding transformer for manual arc welding is perfect. But if you have the opportunity to be guided not by a low price, but by the quality of the weld, the convenience of work, then, of course, it is worth choosing your choice on welding inverters.

There is no single solution for all welding work. Therefore, when choosing welding equipment, it is better for you to use the advice of an experienced welder or the advice of a sales consultant. And then the work with the welding machine will be easy, and all the connections will be iron.

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