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Interior mirrors

by ladynews

Now very often mirrors are used in the interior. Since they are functional and have the ability to visually increase the room. With low ceilings, you can use stretch mirror ceilings, which will correct this drawback.

Mirrors are of different types: on the basis of aluminum – such mirrors do not differ in quality, since under the influence of moisture the aluminum base can be exfoliated, based on silver – better aluminum, moisture resistant – are used in wet rooms.

Unusual and originality of the bathroom will give combinations of mirror and ceramic tiles that will create a feeling of light of freedom of joy. In the hallway it is best to use a large mirror. If the hallway is small, it noticeably increases the volume of the room. The living room looks good highly suspended with the slope of the mirror of an elongated or rounded shape.

Lamps look very harmonious near the mirrors, which makes the room a more illuminated. Also, mirrors look flawlessly next to the glass. Glass shelves located near the mirror will create the effect of weightlessness of objects as if they froze in the air.

When choosing the shape and frame of the mirror, you can create a unique interior.

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