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Green construction and why our country is needed

by ladynews

Vladimir Putin once stated that it is necessary to promote rational energy consumption among the population and learn to save resources. And energy -efficient houses are just what will help people consume less resources. The state also tightened a number of standards for emissions for factories, domestic contests for green design appear, more companies are taken for green construction. The need to save energy and control environmental problems leads to innovation.

The green building is difficult to determine by its appearance. What is classified as a stable or green house is often determined by different standards. However, all these standards affect the location, project, construction and even subsequent operation of the house. Eco-house should adhere to energy-saving principles, as well as positively influence the environment and even economics and society.

Green standards are good, but many of them are still open to interpret. Consider the four main areas of green construction: materials, energy, water and health.


Materials for green construction are best produced or extracted from natural renewable sources of raw materials, which is collected, stored and processed on a sustainable basis.

If the materials are local, then they reduce the energy costs of transportation. You can use secondary materials collected from nearby sections.

Materials are evaluated by green certificates for the analysis of their life cycle. In other words, any materials are considered comprehensively, and not only from the point of view of what they were made. The same material of different manufacturers, produced by their same components, can be green or harmful to the ecology. The fact is that a combination of factors should be regarded – from the place of production and the quality of the original raw materials to the cost of its transportation, processing and production of the final product. In addition, the durability of the material and its life cycle for the period of use, with influence on the environment in the process, are further considered. And the third paragraph regarding the ability of the material to reduce waste (whether it is possible to process it, how much energy will take, and t.P.). Thus, it is more difficult to get green certification than it seems. Many manufacturers in Russia still attribute to their materials an environmental parameter, but only in some cases is this honest characteristic.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and resource consumption is one of the most important topics discussed in the construction industry. Unlike the topic of materials, this topic can honestly and objectively support more builders. Energy efficiency has long been familiar to a Russian person – we have from ancient times from what to build a house from, so that it is warmer in it without excessive use of the furnace. Another thing is that not all practices for creating a modern energy -efficient house are familiar to us, and even old practices we almost stopped using. And the appearance of many new materials (including environmentally friendly) confuses even industry experts.

You can learn to design the house in such a way as to reduce the costs of heating and cooling, or you can add good isolation and energy -saving components like windows.

Natural design can reduce the consumption of resources, the need for electricity, will improve people’s health and performance. Natural design was often used in ancient times to correctly place the structure so that the light penetrates the windows at the right time, natural light or natural shade was created.

Energy efficient houses are created comprehensively due to materials, design, technologies, as well as renewable energy sources.

Water saving

Water in a green house is consumed economically, but without prejudice to human life. As a rule, cleaning installations, seating systems, filtering and recirculation systems, water -saving instruments and plumbing, waterless tools, etc. are used.P.


From the point of view of health, eco-house should not contain toxic materials. The main emphasis is given to the air in the room. For the sake of its quality, ventilation is installed and the rooms from any objects and decorations that can release toxins or moos are eliminated.

Green construction in different countries is also aimed at maintaining a local economy, local workers, society, etc.P. In certain regions, builders are certified to work with green technologies. There are famous world -famous architects who choose due to their knowledge in green construction. And at the moment, such architects are very in demand. In a number of states (for example, the USA), companies without ecology specialists are very far behind in profitability from their colleagues who are able to build by eco-standards. Other countries at the legislative level prohibit the use of certain non -environmental materials for construction.

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