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Choosing traveerates for the lawn

by ladynews

Sooner or later, every owner of the suburban site is thinking about laying the lawn. Before you spend time and effort, the suitable composition of the grass mixture.

Each year, manufacturers of lawn herbs offer new products to an already abundance. Indeed, the selection of lawn grass does not stand still. But when you see the variety of planting material in the store, many are lost. As a result, after viewing a dozen bags and boxes with seeds, a compromise option is chosen: a grass mixture with the inscription “Universal”. Is it always justified?

The choice of the future lawn

The location and purpose of the future lawn is the main criteria for choosing a grass mixture. Of course, if the lawn is just a thick green grass at the house, pleasing to the eye and gives the opportunity to walk along it, sometimes run or arrange a picnic, then the choice of a universal mixture is obvious. But if you want to play a foot in a foot or, on the contrary, you only dream of contemplating a green surface, then specialized compositions are needed. There are not so many lawns, the most common cereal of them: Lugovoi’s rebelli, red oatmeal, Ovechye oatmeal, Pastyshnaya Raigrace, East -Military Polar. The main thing is to carefully study the ratio of cereals. Fascinating and unforgettable fishing on Ob in the offseason

The shadow of the fruit garden

A fruit garden or forest trees on a area under which you want to close will require a shade -to -density lawn, since the branches pass only 50 % of sunlight. The mixture will necessarily include the types of oatmeal red, plants of shade -tolerant, frost -resistant and drought -resistant. But do not rush to rejoice if you find this name on the label. Pay attention to what percentage of octos is indicated. If less than 60 %, then this mixture is suitable only for shaded places, and not for the shadow.

In a sunny meadow

In open sunny areas, they usually create sports -type lawns, or their functional opposite – ground lawns. Sports lawn is inconceivable without a high content of a rebel. This cereal is resistant to trampling due to strong turf. In the sports grass, its content should be at least 40 %. True, the price of the rebelli is high, but it can become an indicator of the manufacturer’s conscientiousness: a cheap bag of a sports mixture should cause the buyer’s fears. Also, you should not wait for miracles from the speed of cereal development: the bushes reach complete maturity for the second or third year after planting.

However, do not think that the rebel is more suitable for the legs than for the eyes. Grassy rebel is very decorative. In the stalling version, the red oatmeal is usually added to the rebel, choosing the views so as not to violate the plainness (mantomality) of the coating. If you do not like a flat green field, then arrange a Moorish lawn consisting of cereals and a flower mixture.

In a wet place

The Wasteful Polestick can withstand high humidity – not without reason this cereal is respected in England: Wimbledon’s fields are sown by a field. But besides advantages (high decorativeness, resistance to trampling), Zlak has disadvantages. The plant is thermophilic, needs regular mowing and. Frequent combing. The stalling lawn from the pale green field of the field is as beautiful as it is demanding to care. If there is a lack of time, arrange a meadow lawn from inexpensive herbs on a wet section: a hedgehog of a team, Timoteevo Lugovoi, Lugovoi oatmeal.


Do not buy a grass mixture based only from its name – often in reality it does not justify itself. Studying the composition and ratio of herbs will help make the right choice.

Choosing grass mixtures:

The location of the lawn

The type of lawn

The composition of the grass room (approximate)

Shadeable and shady




– Red oatmeal hard – 52%

– Red hairy oatmeal – 20 %

– Overek Sheep – 20 %

– Flevitsa thin – 8 %

Sunny and slightly shaded

Dry areas



– Lugovoi Mittle – 70 %

– Red oatmeal – 15 %

– Raigas Perennial – 15 %

Sunny, slightly shaded

Dry areas


– red oatmeal – 95 %

– Flower mixture – 5 %

Sunny, darkened

Wet sites


– Timofeevka Lugovaya – 40 %

– Raigas annual – 20 %

– Eaters of reed (meadow) – 20 %

Wet solar site

stall, sports

– Polevich is shoot (one -component lawn)

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