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Summer skin care rules and recommendations

by marusia

The main rule for the summer is a complete rejection of aggressive products containing alkali. The result of their use will be dehydration, itching, and peeling.

In summer you need to use mousse, light foam, milk, tonic and micellar water. Home care should be as moisturizing as possible. If you use cream, it is good if it has a sun protection factor of SPF8.

Recommendations for daily care (cleansing, moisturizing)

Proper and regular cleansing in summer is the key to beautiful and healthy skin. You need to wash your face twice a day. To do this, it is better to use soft, non-alcoholic products, as well as water at room temperature. Natural infusions of herbs are useful, for example, a decoction of chamomile, mint, linden, and sage. After cleansing, the skin needs to be toned; this can be done with cosmetic ice, preferably based on aloe juice or green tea.

Once or twice a week you need to carry out deep cleaning with a soft gommage or a mask with white clay.

You can often find advice to wash your face as often as possible in the summer. They are not entirely correct. You can harm yourself by washing your face too often. The fact is that in the summer the subcutaneous glands work in enhanced mode. They secrete fat that forms a film that reflects ultraviolet light. If you wash your face in the middle of the day, you will wash away this protection.

Now about hydration. In summer we eat a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables, so the body is full of vitamins. In this regard, the skin does not require nutrition during this period, that is, a nourishing cream. Use only a moisturizer that is properly selected for your skin type. The cream should be applied twice a day – after morning and evening washing. It’s good if it cools the skin a little, it will add comfort in the heat. The texture of the cream should be light so that it is quickly absorbed.

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