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Choosing a fireplace model

by ladynews

The modern market today offers a huge selection of fireplaces. In total, modern fireplaces can be divided into three main groups, depending on the method of heating the hearth. These groups include electric, gas and wood fireplaces. Electric sources of heat work thanks to electricity, gas – thanks to gas, and wood – thanks to fuel. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric fireplaces can be installed almost everywhere. These designs are light, portable and do not require any experience to install them. Such models are sold in Russia. The set includes a three -toothed fork, which should be connected to a standard electrical outlet. Most specialized firms also offer light bulbs and special devices to create an effective appearance of the fireplace. Undoubtedly, such models will become one of the main jewelry in the interior of your home. And a modern diverse assortment will help you find the ideal version of the hearth that you always dreamed about.

Electric foci are classified as electric heaters and therefore limited in the electric voltage.  Therefore, such models can be used as an additional heat source or, as the main heating device for small rooms. Most of the structures can also be used without a heater if the aesthetic function of the focus comes to the first place. Today, electric fireplaces are quickly gaining popularity around the world. Therefore, specialized stores offer a huge selection of various sizes and designs. Such units have absolutely no smells and high surface heating temperatures, so they are safe when children and pets are in the house.

An interesting model of foci, not common in Russia, is fireplaces working on alcohol gel. Such foci are portable and are considered only as decorative devices. There is a huge variety of their sizes and structures that are similar only by the fact that a pure burning alcohol is used to create a small flame here. These models have a slight smell that can be unacceptable to you and your family. To kindle the fire, it will be necessary to use replaceable fuel cans of the gel alcohol. The flame received from such a gel represents an absolutely real fire, so caution should be observed when replacing fuel. You should also keep curious pets and children at a safe distance.

Gas and wood fireplaces

In the twenty -first century, gas sources of heat began to come first in European countries, which can save electricity, and also do not allow harmful substances entering the atmosphere. The heat production of gas foci directly depends on the type of device and installation. Gas fireplaces are a popular choice due to the lack of a fire in most models, as well as due to convenience in managing through the use of remote control, thermostat and wall switches.  Such models do not require special care, although optimal performance and safety requires annual cleaning and annual maintenance of a gas burner. It is important to know that gas sources of heat should install only a trained and certified technician.

Today, such a focus is in the first places in the ranking due to a simple installation and high efficiency. It is intended mainly for decorative use, as it produces a realistic yellow flame. There are models without glass of a furnace chamber today.  Many homeowners choose such designs due to the effect of open, realistic flame. If you live in a warmer climate where you want aesthetics, this device is created for you.

Wood fireplaces are a popular choice among homeowners of our country. The genuine smell and crackling of firewood in the furnace attracts them. In addition, a joint vacation with a family of such a fire is a ritual for many families. In most cases, wood fireplaces are intended mainly for decorative use. But, despite this, today most country houses begin to heat with their help. True, together with the fireplace in large houses, other types of foci are also installed.

Keep in mind that wood fireplaces will require special care: proper storage of firewood and maintaining effective fuel traction. In addition, it will be necessary to clean the hearth of the ash and annually inspect and clean the chimney. Thus, most modern fireplaces are intended to the greatest extent for the decorative design of the room. Despite this, there are suburban houses and city apartments, where with their help there is a heating of the premises in the cold times of the year.

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