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In Ukraine, it is possible to rise in price a communal apartment

by ladynews

Forecasts for Ukraine are not very joyful, the country is waiting for a difficult time if the government cannot agree with Russia about more gentle gas prices. In the meantime, experts believe that communal rates for citizens can increase by as much as 33% due to gas rise in gas. And it will be very difficult for many residents.

Sergey Tigipko, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, reports that the authorities already know that in the 1st quarter the tariff will grow from $ 435 to $ 485. This increase in prices is explained by the fact that, according to this Agreement, which is not very happy with many, the cost of a communal apartment is highly dependent on the price of oil. And, as you know, oil is inclined to rise in price.

Tigipko also hopes that the Ukrainian government represented by the President and Prime Minister will still be able to agree and convince the Russian authorities. He believes that there is an opportunity to agree on the assignment of the Russian Federation, the share of the GTS, if only the price of gas decreases.

The official reports that if the gas decreases in price, then this will be a great achievement, very important and necessary for the country’s population. Otherwise, 10 million citizens without benefits will be forced to pay 33% more for utilities than before, and this will greatly hit their pocket.

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