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In the capital, the rent “Odinoi” has risen in price

by ladynews

Experts note that over the past November, demand in the rental market of Moscow continued to decrease. Comparing with the indicators of October, it can be noted that demand has fallen by another 19%. But the offer of apartments in this market increased a little and increased by 4.6% compared to the previous month.

According to most experts, such a seasonal decrease in the interest of tenants is a completely normal process. As a rule, the demand for renting apartments is the highest in the summer, and is completely weakened for the New Year.

Last demand last November was noted on 1-room. apartments (from the total volume of demand, their share occupied approximately 55%), and on 2-room. Apartments demanded about 34%.

According to analysts, at the end of autumn there was a rise in price of renting apartments in the capital. But such an increase was noted only on popular 1-room. apartments, but the owners of 2-room. and 3-room. apartments had to lower prices due to low demand.

In September, the average cost of removing 1-room. the apartment was about 28 thousand. rub. per month, and at the end of autumn it reached 30 thousand. rub., And by December this indicator amounted to more than 31 thousand per month of using the apartment.

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