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Setting the floor

by ladynews

The main element during the leveling of the floor surface is a cement-sand screed. It is thanks to this layer of the “three -layer” floor, as the builders say, that you can get a perfectly flat flooring surface. It has long happened that the plate, which serves as the basis for the floor in a serial house, is made smooth only on one side – the future ceiling for an apartment located above your. The side, which in the future will be a floor, is almost always uneven, has hillocks and hollows, and it should be leveled. Naturally, such a surface is unsuitable in order to lay the floor covering on it, you need to engage in the alignment of the base of the floor.

There are such methods of preparing the base:

1) installation of cement-sand screed.

2) the use of a self -leveling system, for example, plasterboard slab.

However, before proceeding with the choice of a particular method, you need to carefully inspect the concrete plate that you have installed.

The quality of the concrete slab is determined by the evenness, strength of the outer layer, humidity. Also, if necessary, the additional indicators are determined, to which the porosity, the presence or absence of cracks, the presence or absence of a deformation seam, and so on are include.

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