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Daytime makeup: what you need to know and rules

by marusia

Light makeup is ideal for work, going out with friends and going on dates during daylight hours. It is important to choose the right and fashionable makeup for every day.

Wondering how to do simple and beautiful makeup?

Here are general recommendations and tips for creating a stylish look: Use minimal makeup. Do not use saturated lipstick colors, too dark shadows, glitter and other attributes of evening makeup. If you want to emphasize your eyes with bright shadows, pencil, or arrows, then for your lips choose natural shades of lipstick or gloss. Highlighting the eyes and lips looks vulgar and cheap at the same time, especially in a casual look.

Naturalness and authenticity are in fashion, as well as minimalism and conciseness. Leading fashion stylists and makeup artists recommend doing simple eye makeup using natural, light and pastel shades of eye shadow. What do you need for everyday makeup? To look natural and natural, you don’t need to put a lot of makeup on your face. Main rules: tidy up your skin; make your look more open and expressive; Give your lips shine and volume. These are the tips of makeup artist Janine Lobell, who created Cate Blanchett’s makeup for the 2016 Oscars and Meryl Streep’s character in the film The Devil Loves Prada.

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