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China in autumn: advantages and best places to travel

by marusia

China is a country that combines ancient culture and modern technology. Autumn is the best time to choose this direction. The weather is getting cooler and the number of tourists is decreasing.

Yellow Mountains

This is one of the most beautiful areas of China, located approximately 300 km southwest of Shanghai. Here you can admire the sunrise. Clouds, pine trees, rocks and hot springs are a real find for those who want to enjoy solitude with nature.


In the capital of China you can see the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Autumn in Beijing is cool, but the temperature feels comfortable. In this city you can see traditional pagodas and Buddhist temples.


Pandas give birth to their cubs in August, so tourists can see the babies at the Giant Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu in the fall. Travelers can also visit the museum and Swan Lake.


The city is rightly called the industrial capital of China. It surprisingly combines modern skyscrapers and historical buildings. Tourists can stroll along the embankment along the Huangpu River or look at the Shanghai Tower with an observation deck.

This province is famous for its large number of rice fields. In autumn, the locals harvest their crops, so travelers have the opportunity to see the terraces illuminated by the sun. The rice fields are located at different heights, making them look like tiers.

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