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by ladynews

The device of a modern green roof, laid down using the technology from the European company Zinco, includes the installation of five main layers. Initially directly on the waterproofing of the roof, the anticorront layer is laid. This is a reliable protection of waterproofing from germination of plant roots. A special protective moisture capacity guarantees additional protection of waterproofing from excess moisture, and also serves as a battery for the accumulation of water necessary for plants. The drainage-storage layer provides unhindered circulation of moisture inside the layers of green roof and accumulates moisture for plants. A special filter layer between the soil and the drainage-storage layer passes through itself only water, thereby protecting the underlying layers from siltation and clogging. The upper layer is a specially prepared substrate in which plants will grow. The choice of plants for landscaping the roof is very large, and if you wish, you can always make your own selection. Greenroofing provides a full range of services for the construction of a green roof in accordance with the wishes of the customer. You can get advice on all questions of interest on the company’s website .

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