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Sewage for a private house

by ladynews

Sewerage is very important in a private house. You can connect to the central sewer networks, but sometimes it is simply impossible to do. In such cases, you need to get out of the situation using different types of sewers.

What sewers are?

– Cesspool. – Sewage with capacity. – Autonomous sewage.

Let’s look at each separately.


Such a sewage system is built quickly. Of course, most of the summer cottages are equipped with just such sewers, but this is the last century. You need to do it like that. Dig a hole with human growth, the walls must be strengthened with the help of reinforced concrete rings. To this pit, sewer pipes from the house need to be carried out. When the pit is filled, you need to call the Assenial service whose employees will clean it with a special pump. This type of sewage system is simple, but not very convenient. For example, if meltwater is abundant or rain will go for a long time, then the pit will be overflowing, and the waste is clear, everything will be on the surface. You will breathe them. A very unpleasant sight. And besides, the pit needs an entrance, because the special machine has large sizes, you need to consider this when you begin to build a cesspool.

Sewage with capacity

This type of sewage system is simple in construction. You also need to dig a hole, as in the case of cesspool. Only now you need to install a special container in it. Such containers are made of polymolecular material. This material is not subjected to decay and rust. Also, low and high temperatures are not afraid of him. The container can accommodate fifty thousand liters of water can be less. They are different in volume. When you bring the pipes to it, then make sure that no smell will explode. This type of sewage is well closed. Such a sewage system is very convenient, for example, in a summer cottage, as well as on the construction site. But if you want to spend such a sewer to a private residential building, then you are best to abandon this venture. This is a temporary exit from the situation. For constant use, a full -fledged autonomous sewage.

Autonomous sewage system

This sewer can also be called a closet. Since all the waste that falls into it will begin to be processed through water and additives that are included in this sewer. Waste over time will turn into silt and can even be used as top dressing for plants. This sewage is so safe. Of course, you will also have to make a well under this sewer, but only there will be no waste as such, due to the thoughtful process of waste processing. Yes, and the hole itself can be done not as deep as in other considered sewers.

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