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Wooden frame houses

by ladynews

Anyone who lives in apartment buildings understands all the advantages of life in his fortress house on his land. Currently, the construction services market, which only does not offer: modular buildings, frame houses, brick houses, houses from a cinder block, and so on. But in the past few years, the construction of a wooden house, and not just a wooden, but a frame wooden house, has become increasingly popular. This novelty in the construction of wood houses is now only gaining strength in popularity. The point is not so much that the construction of a stone house is inferior in the speed of erection and saving money compared to the construction of wooden houses, but in the fact that with a professional approach and appropriate protection of wood from moisture and wood insects, such a house is guaranteed to be 150 years old.

No one will argue that the stone is more reliable than the tree, but the wooden structures are much more environmentally friendly, in addition, unlike the traditional log house, which for several years gives a shrinkage, the frame wooden house does not even require the foundation, it is very quickly mounted and, due to its lightness, not “Sits”.

These frame houses are built according to the American-Canadian technology. It involves the assembly of four to five sizes from the board and is filled with insulation. If a professional undertakes to work and make a “sandwich” correctly, you can get a house with perfect heating equipment.

When planning the construction of a frame wooden house, you should carefully choose a construction company, it is better if it has its own woodworking production. In this case, it will be easier for the customer to get the quality guarantees for the production of glued beams and control what and how the skeleton of the future house will make up. It would be nice to ask how modern equipment is the equipment. The markets of a German manufacturer are now respected on the market, they allow you to create oppression of glued products with high accuracy, and this allows you to make a fast assembly, and the design is reliable.

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