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Japanese style in the bedroom

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A sleeping room, which is decorated in the Japanese style, will create the best conditions for relaxation, relaxed relaxation. We’ll talk about Japanese beautiful design sleeping rooms, we will tell you about the generally accepted design of Japanese sleeping rooms and, in addition, typical details of style.

Japanese style interior concept

The idea of ​​designing the interior of the premises in this or another style is practically the desire to give the application object (specifically in our case, the interior of the room) a set of features, leading to the creation of a recognizable image. On the other side, the selected interior of the room speaks of the charm of the owner with the idea embedded in this image.

Interest in Japan (you can also say, fashion) in essence in life never subsides. It is natural, since this is a very unusual, difficult and, in addition, a mysterious country with a very rich history, cultural heritage. The Japanese are largely characterized by extravagant minimalism, a predisposition to contemplation, deepening into the inner world of phenomena, as well as things. This is reflected in many life manifestations, including in the interior decisions of generally accepted Japanese dwellings.

3 of the main principles on which the Japanese style interior is held on – such a space, simplicity of transformation, the use of natural materials. The Japanese prefer not to “overload” the surrounding free space with an abundance of details. On the contrary, rarely encountered bright strokes and, in addition, accents will emphasize general harmony and, in addition, beauty, allowing you to avoid a different extreme – excessive lightness.

Generally accepted furniture, as well as sliding screens “Sedzi” (centimeter. The publication on how to create a screen yourself) will allow you to painlessly change the surrounding certain space, adjusting it to one or other everyday needs. The Japanese interior of the room is extremely arrived for oversized apartments – one, as well as the same room, with a non -car, the hand of the hand can also be turned one after another into a bedroom, a living room, a dining room. The outer view of the room is measured by the correct choice of materials, usually environmental, as well as natural: stone, wood, papers.

The gamma of the Japanese house, in the end, is natural, and is also very pleasant for perception. Color shades of brown, white, gray, black, light brown beige, dairy.

We will dwell on the details of the design of the sleeping rooms in the Japanese interior style.


For sleeping rooms in Japanese style, a wood floor is characteristic. Be that as it may, in the vast majority of the Japanese style of the interior, in addition to the kitchen, threshold, corridors, it is customary to cover the floor with exquisite mats – in Japan it is customary to take offense back before entering the living room. Beautiful mats, which are called “tatami”, are made from reeds and, accordingly, wood. It is customary to change tatami every 2 years.


The characteristics of the climate, excessively hot in the summer months, were the reason that some partitions in the house are sliding screens “Sedzi”, which are made of wood, papers. Of course, in our latitudes, this is not feasible. However, but similar screens can also be used in order to create insulated zones of sleeping rooms in the Japanese style, which, if necessary, can also be removed by returning the room the initial volume. It is also entirely advisable to sheathe the partitions of the “Japanese” sleeping rooms with wooden panels that imitate generally accepted supporting structures.


It is fundamentally that the lack of furniture in the Japanese style is characterized by the lack of furniture, which meets the first principle. Of course, without some minimum permissible set, the room still does not do.

Japanese furniture is low, modular, with the permissible maximum functionality laid in it. The Japanese sleep on folding mattresses “Futon”, which during the day it is customary to put in mounted wall high cabinets or less often found practical chests of drawers. If you have no desire to sleep on a folding mattress, the “futon” can also be changed entirely by a low, fairly flat bed or sofa. Also very harmoniously will fit into such an interior decoration of the premises so well -known to the presently mounted cabinets for clothing.

In general, in the generally accepted Japanese house you will not meet a random thing, because they are typical, unique, and also neatly selected.


Put a sleeping room with a sleeping room with a complete look and, in addition, the generally accepted Japanese flavor can skillfully selected decorations.

It is acceptable to embellish the “Japanese” bedroom with engravings, generally accepted calligraphic scrolls, wooden chests for storage of jewelry, cosmetics. The “bonsai” exotic tree, or generally accepted Japanese bouquets – ikebans, which, like, in the Japanese interior solution, are laconic, and are also expressive.

Sometimes in the interior of the Japanese room, sleeping rooms can also find a niche with small figures of pagan Japanese gods. In fairly rich buildings, it is possible to decorate the room with generally accepted cool weapons: swords “Katana”, “Topo”, “Waksashi”, daggers “Tanto”. A much more economic option is the use of national fans and, in addition, paper lamps, fuel lights.

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