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Curly hair care method: rules, features and tips

by marusia

The curly method is a special system for caring for different types of curls. The Curly Girl Method (CGM) was created over 30 years ago by hairstylist and curling expert Lorraine Massey.

Its features and rules are outlined in Curly Girl: The Handbook, a guide to getting great hair with or without certain products and styling techniques. What is the curly method? The method aims to avoid harsh ingredients that damage and dry out curly hair. Instead, you should use soft, nutritious products that improve the structure and appearance of your curls.

Curly hair is naturally dry and does not need deep cleansing. A curly girl is recommended to use a conditioner as a cleanser, which contains soft substances that can remove excess oil and dirt from the hair. If your hair is thin and your scalp is oily, you can use sulfate-free shampoos. The curly method also calls for avoiding heat styling and traditional combing.

Who is the curly hair styling method suitable for?

This styling technique is suitable for the following types of hair: slightly wavy, curly, tight afro-locks, regardless of the curl shape (Z- or S-shaped curls). Pickiness in the choice of products, thoughtful and careful care is appropriate when the strands are severely damaged, suffer from dryness, are dyed, permed, or lack shine and smoothness.

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