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The implementation of the drainage in private sectors is possible in three ways. One of them involves the construction of a point scheme organized in cases where it is necessary to collect water from several sources. A similar system is built using a kind of modifications of rainerships, which will be the connecting link in sewage and drainage pipe. To prevent garbage particles, use a special basket.

Another system we consider the linear system that includes trays, channels and gutter, connecting to a single network. As a result, devices are still brought to the system that delay the garbage and defend it. Thus, sand and subsequent clogging of the sewage system is excluded. In most cases, the production of gutters is carried out using polymer concrete, or even simple plastic. On top the channel is necessarily covered with a cast -iron grill. To collect soil waters, as a rule, drainage systems are involved, which are, by and large, a difficult construction. The main part of it is the plastic pipe of the PND, which is wrapped in geotextiles, playing the role of filtering. The use of such a scheme is characteristic of the basement.

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