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Types and design of wardrobes

by ladynews

If the owners of houses or apartments have the task of equipping a home so that the maximum amount of useful area is saved, they should turn to the use of wardrobes. This piece of furniture differs from the standard cabinets options in that it has moving doors.

The wardrobes themselves can be built -in or separately standing. If we are talking about models related to the first type, then it implies that the furniture has incomplete equipment. In separate options, there is also a case. Today, a variety of cabinets of compartment photos are very many, incredibly popular.

It is the built -in wardrobes of the compartment that is much better to cope with the task of saving space. His only problem – he cannot be moved. For its installation, either an angular niche is used or a recess directly in the wall. The shelves are attached directly to the walls themselves using special corners.

The design of the cabinet compartment can be very different. To some extent, it is also an element of the interior. And ordinary cabinets lose to these products both in terms of functionality and in relation to the appearance. Although the compartment options are more expensive due to the complexity of the design.

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