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Polypropylene pipes Calde

by ladynews

Kalde polypropylene pipes are perhaps the highest quality pipes today. The main use of pipes is heating, sewer systems, water supply systems. Kalde pipes are made several types. To distinguish them among themselves, you need to pay attention to the first capital letters. For example, the abbreviation RRN means that this pipe is used in ventilation systems and cold water supply systems.

RRV designation makes it clear that this type of pipes can be used for cold water systems and for floor heating. The RRR designation indicates the possibility of using pipes for both hot and cold water supply systems, and for water, floor heating. A distinctive feature of pipes is a high resistance to various external influences and resistance to sharp temperature changes. Calde pipes varieties reinforced with fiberglass Kalde PN 25 Fiber is used for heating and water supply. The positive properties of this pipe include good resistance to low and high temperatures and corrosion stability. Diameters and dimensions of the pipes are as follows: 20 cm/3. 4 m, 25/4. 2, 32/5. 4, 40/6. 7, 50/8. 4, 63/10. 5. Permissible pressure 25 bar. For cold water supply, Kalde PN 20 pipes are ideal. They are reliable, durable, not subject to pollution from the inside. The sizes of pipes are identical to PN 25 Fiber sizes. Permissible pressure 20 bar.

Kalde PN 20 Fiber pipe reinforced with fiberglass has the same characteristics and scope as Kalde PN 25 Fiber. Prices permissible pipe pressure 20 bar. KalDe polypropylene pipes have such a valuable quality as low heat loss during operation. If we take the heat loss of metal pipes, then they are more than 30 %. It is worth noting that the material used in the manufacture of pipes is absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. The company has all the necessary documentation, which confirms this statement. If you need polypropylene pipes, then you now know which is best to buy.

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