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Lasting of the foundation

by ladynews

Old houses need additional support. Naturally, in such cases it is easier to demolish the fragile building and start building objects from scratch on a leveled site. However, for example, if you get a monitor building, it is required to save it for future generations not only by internal motives, but also by law.

Foundation restoration is one of the stages of strengthening the construction. Perhaps the most important, because it depends on the position of this part of the house in the state as a whole. If you are reconstructed by objects, then how qualitatively you have strengthened the foundation, will largely determine the further service life of the house.

If you have a historical building, most likely, you cannot find the foundation drawings . Since the choice of such parameters as the choice of material, form, laying depth, in pre -revolutionary Russia remained the prerogative of the contractor, before the work, the design will have to be examined. It will be useful to carefully open the foundation, take samples. And also make measurements for drawings, on the basis of which based on the loads the design project will be created.

Depending on a number of factors, such as the hydrogeological characteristics of the site under the house and the design features of the structure, a suitable technological method can be selected for any building.

Modern methods of strengthening the foundations are built on the “moving” of the object on the piles and simultaneous fixing of soils, combining with measures aimed at increasing the masonry of the base. Piles used to restore can be drilling, pressing and root -shaped. They are selected depending on the conditions. For example, the rhizomes are suitable for the basement conditions, completely do not change the appearance of the house. They do not require manual earthwork. To exclude dynamic influences, the use of piles established by the pressing method is practiced. Of the shortcomings – the real consequences in the form of a wave of weak soil and a large amount of earthwork.

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