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Etiquette: table manners and conversation

by marusia

At a table in a restaurant or at a party, you must follow the established rules of conduct. The following habits help to avoid awkwardness and show respect for others: Be attentive to the company at the table, do not be distracted by gadgets.

Do not twist napkins in your hands, do not play with cutlery, do not roll bread balls. Do not place your elbows on the table, disturbing your neighbors. They rest their wrists on the table. You should not reach across the table for some dish; ask that it be passed to you. Almost all dishes are eaten with a fork (in the left hand) and a knife (in the right hand). Do not engage in conversation unless you have chewed your food. Talking with your mouth full is disrespectful. Table manners are norms that will help maintain a friendly atmosphere during a shared meal.

Rules for conducting a conversation

There are general rules for both official negotiations and communication with friends. In these cases, it is especially important to know what etiquette is and what rules of behavior in society should be followed. This will help you achieve the desired result in negotiations with partners, and establish trusting relationships with friends: Listen carefully to your interlocutor, do not be distracted by extraneous matters.

Don’t interrupt your interlocutor, show respect for what he says, let him speak. Speak clearly, formulate your thoughts clearly. Avoid filler words – this is evidence of low speech culture. Do not talk only about yourself and your affairs in a conversation, show interest in what the interlocutor says. If the topic doesn’t interest you, don’t get annoyed, carefully change it. It is important not to violate a person’s personal space during a conversation, so do not approach the interlocutor closer than 50–70 cm.

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