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Code of conduct: stairs, escalator, elevator

by marusia

In such places, etiquette is not only rules of good manners, but also safety standards. To get to the right place without any problems, take into account the interests of all road users and a certain order.

When using the elevator, adhere to the following rules: When boarding the elevator, let those exiting first to avoid collisions. When taking a seat in the elevator, ask who gets off on which floor: those who get off earlier get closer to the door. If you find yourself in the back of the cabin, then ask in advance to give you a seat closer to the exit.

The stairs have their own rules

You can’t rush anyone, even if you’re in a hurry. Politely ask to be let through. Colleagues go up or down the steps in the order in which they approached the stairs. There are special rules for men and women: when going down, a man must walk 1-2 steps ahead of the lady and, if necessary, give her his hand.

When going up, he lags behind a couple of steps to support the lady if she stumbles. It is customary to stand on the right side of the escalator in the metro. You should not run or sit on the left side: it should be free for the passage of attendants or doctors in difficult situations.

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