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Rules of conduct in a restaurant and etiquette

by marusia

Banquets in restaurants do not happen very often, so there may be fears of doing something wrong and causing confusion among others. Etiquette will help you avoid awkwardness.

These are the generally accepted rules that allow you to feel comfortable in society: The first person to enter the restaurant is the one who invited the guests. You should wait until all the invitees have arrived, but latecomers are usually expected to wait no more than 20 minutes. At the banquet table, it is customary for men to sit to the left of the ladies they will be courting during dinner.

There are special etiquette rules for a romantic dinner in a restaurant: A man who has invited a lady to a romantic dinner must arrive in advance, find out where the table is prepared, then meet the woman. The rule of etiquette dictates that the man chooses the menu, but at the same time he can offer the lady to choose from several dishes. In all cases, the sensitive issue of payment is resolved in advance. It is customary to leave a tip to the waiter in the amount of 10–15% of the amount.

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