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Advantages of autonomous sewers

by ladynews

Among all the distinctive features inherent in such systems, it is worth noting that one system is able to work for several houses. The process of installation and commissioning is quite simple, during the work of the incidental system does not happen. Although autonomous systems are characterized by dependence on the network, however, most unpleasant factors that can disable them, they are stable. It is important to note that the installed sewage system is compact, which is an indisputable advantage for cottages. As a rule, pollutants include phosphorus and nitrogen.

Based on the above advantages, we can conclude that the elimination of the drains of country houses is a reliable, appropriate and economical way to process sewage. Autonomous sewage system does not require contact with the central highway, which is especially important if they serve country houses. By and large, in such a system, the septic tank works on an anaerobic principle, when a mechanical sump delayed the fractions, and after splitting suspended particles. As a result, residues are subjected to soil filtration. During repeated use of use, these systems have established themselves as a reliable solution to drains disposal.

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