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Attic stairs from our construction company

by ladynews

Attic stairs from our construction company

You can find folding and stationary attic stairs from our construction company on the website of Ctcatcherdachnie-Lestnici. A large selection of stairs of various designs, from various materials from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers at attractive prices. To choose the attic staircase, you need to know exactly how long the design you need in your specific case. It’s not always so easy to find out. That is why the technical department operates at the online store “Our construction”. Department specialists will help you choose the stairs that is suitable for you, as well as advise on the issues of proper installation.

Stairs delivery is free. You can pay for the purchase of the stairs by bank transfer or upon receipt of the order. Delivery period – no more than 1 day from the date of placement of the order. All the stairs presented in the company’s catalog apply a guarantee. And even if you never had to install the attic staircase before – you can do it yourself, because consultants of the technical department will answer all questions and provide detailed instructions.

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