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Basin care in his house

by ladynews

Unfortunately, one building of the pool, caring for it does not end. If you do not constantly control the condition of the pool and water in it, after some time you can face serious problems. water purification

First of all, you need to take care of regular water purification in the pool. So that the water is safe for swimming your family, it must be disinfected. The most effective and cheap way to purify water is chlorination. However, chlorine has several significant drawbacks – this is a pungent smell, as well as the ability to cause allergic reactions.

For small pools, you can use ultraviolette or quartz lamps. This pleasure is not cheap, but it allows you to clear water from microbes without chlorine.

In addition, you can use ozone for water purification. Ozone is able to kill unpleasant odors of water, including the smell of chlorine. Ozone can be used in conjunction with chlorine. The fight against algae

Albeit small, but still algae begin to grow in any reservoir. This is especially true for open pools. Algae in the pool can clog treatment filters, multiply quickly and make the walls and bottom of the pool slippery.

The care of the pool is prolonged by his life

To combat algae, special chemicals are used – algicides, which must be regularly added to the water. Pool maintenance

If complex automation is installed in the pool or you are extremely careful about its well -being and have funds for this, it is extremely desirable to hire specialists from specialized firms for caring for your pond.

About once a month, it is necessary to clean the walls and the bottom of the pool, as well as the cleaning of all overflowing gutters. With the same frequency, it is necessary to remove dirt from the swimming pool filters.

Once a year, it is necessary to carry out the full prevention of the pool – using the decalcitis, remove all deposits from the pipes, completely drain the water, clean the bottom and walls. It is also necessary to revise the condition of the pool coating and minor repairs, if necessary, it is necessary to check the condition of the pumps and other equipment. Protective film for the pool

In any case, when the pool is not used, it is advisable to cover it with a protective film. It allows you to avoid garbage entering the pool, significantly reduce the percentage evaporates from the water pool, and prevent it from cooling. There is also a special floating coating for pools, which helps to warm water in sunny weather.

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