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Correct selection of metal paint

by ladynews

Many designs in personal plots are built using metal elements or are whole metal structures. Everyone knows that this material is subjected to rust. With the right choice of paint for the metal and its processing, the corrosion process can be achieved.

Two methods are used to ensure the protection of the surface from corrosion: active and passive. Passive protection involves the creation of a special shell that interferes with moisture and oxygen to collect on a metal surface.

Materials that provide active protection have inhibitors or anti -corrosion substances in their composition, which slows down the process of oxidation of the metal.

For the manufacture of alkyd metal paint, they are used by synthetic binders, which have the greatest popularity. When this composition is applied to the surface of the metal, the solvent is evaporated, with the formation of the film on the surface.

Due to the fact that there are pigments in the solution, it has excellent hiding place, and the surface itself acquires additional resistance from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Earlier there was an opinion that a rapidly dawning nitroemal is the optimal type of paint, which perfectly protects the surface of metals. But at the same time, it has high sensitivity from high humidity. If this indicator does not exceed more than 70%, on a film that is formed after drying, white spots can form.

Another disadvantage of nitroemalia is a low resistance to fats, so it is not recommended to paint metal in the barbecue area. In addition, even minor vibrations, not noticeable to the eye, can cause the destruction of nitroemali.

On large metal structures, an earlier destruction of enamel can also occur, and later the metal itself. That is why the use of nitroemali is not such an effective protective coating for metals.

The paint that has a bitumen base will make it possible to ensure better protection of the metal surface. Its other advantage is the simplicity of applying. To do this, you can use the spray or apply paint with a brush in one layer. Using silicon-organic enamels, it is possible to protect metal surfaces suffering from the action of elevated temperature.

The question of the correct choice of paint for the metal surface, as well as the main qualities of different coloring substances, were considered here. With the right choice of paintwork, you will have the opportunity to protect the surface.

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