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Diesel generators

by ladynews

Even in the context of the modern offensive of urban civilization, many points remain in our country, where centralized power supply for a number of reasons is impossible. This is a case when only a diesel electric generator can provide consumers with electricity. In addition, buyers of generators are enterprises for which it is important for production purposes to ensure that a full -fledged autonomous, alternative or basic power supply. Energo-Motors not only sells diesel power plants from leading world manufacturers (FG Wilson, Cummins, Caterpillar, AKSA, SDMO, Iveco Motors, CTM, ONIS VISA), but also manufactures a turnkey components from components under order.  In the conditions of the northern latitudes, the installation of power plants implies an indispensable construction of protection from the cold. Block containers “Sever” supplied by the company allow you to reliably protect the generator from weather vicissitudes. In addition, when ordering a generator, the company offers the installation of automation and remote control systems, as well as commissioning and maintenance throughout the warranty period.

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