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Features of fast -monked buildings

by ladynews

The practice of erecting fast -monked buildings has appeared in our country relatively recently, but has already gained great popularity among construction companies. Developers are attracted by the opportunity to implement even a very difficult project in the shortest possible time. Typically, the construction of this technology lasts no more than three months. Such objects by type of material can be divided into three categories:

from reinforced concrete;

from steel and reinforced concrete;

with a metal frame.

Structures with a metal frame are mounted after the proposed load on the supporting basis is precisely determined. In accordance with these data, a frame is built that meets the necessary characteristics. A wide variety of technological solutions can be involved here: metal rolling, thin -walled and cold -rolled iron, various types of channel, profiles, etc. D.

Often use hot -rolled technology for building frames. This is an ideal option for the construction of small buildings in the area with a small number of floors (mainly one -story) for different and offices with logos and signs on the facade. On the doors, as a rule, signs hang with the names of organizations and firms. Similar buildings with signs can now be found in almost every city. Here they use light steel profiles with galvanizing. They drive out the designs of walls and roofs.

Reinforced concrete buildings do not have a frame. They are mounted from large nodes, which are both enclosing elements and the supporting basis. The emphasis here is on sections and wall chains. Plates for internal sections are made using polystyrene foam. In fact, these are the same panels, only a comprehensive species with a ribbed and three -layer texture. This technology for the construction of fast -monumented buildings has established itself well in multi -storey construction. For example, if you need to quickly build a large building for the offices of a large company.

Combined technology of steel and reinforced concrete, as a rule, are used to implement the most complex projects with original architecture and different number of floors.

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