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Furniture for a country house

by ladynews

Of course, the apartment will differ from the country house, and there is also a difference in placing furniture items. And in the country house the main thing is compactness.

For the living room of a country house, you can use large tables and cabinets, but all this has already gone into the distant past, now they prefer low and not large shelves, walls for the living room are also widely used.

UP in a natural house of natural, if there is no way to purchase elite furniture, which is made from expensive and natural materials.

Today, a lot of furniture items are made for natural natural materials, the best option for a country house is furniture of light shades of wood.

In the interior device, lightness should be achieved, and here it will be possible, by the way, modular wood furniture will go. Steel and plastic furniture is better not to use.

If only three people live in a country house, then only two chairs and a sofa can be purchased, but you should pay attention to the upholstery of furniture. It should be easily cleaned and not afraid of chemical cleaning products. And also many now choose artificial skin for furniture upholstery in a country house.

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