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Gadget for spraying frozen pieces of oil

by ladynews

The butter should be stored in a frozen form, but it is easier to use it when it is warm and soft. The inventor from Texas, Dag Forman, decided to come up with a device that would allow the oil to store the oil correctly, but at the same time use it with convenience. Its gadget is called biem.

Conventional pieces of butter are loaded into the BIEM device, and in this form this oil is stored in the refrigerator. When the time comes and the person wants to use the oil, the gadget heats the upper layer of oil to 35º C, which allows you to spray a little oil into the pan, into the salad or on the sandwich. Melted oil “flies” from the spray nozzle Biem when the button is pressed. The rest of the oil inside the gadget continues to be in a solid frozen form.

Sprayed oil is cool, not hot. It can be used in a piece of bread or lubricated with a pan. The accelerometer in the device determines when the device was picked up and immediately turns on it.

Biem has a built -in lithium battery. Its charging takes 30 minutes. Once charging the device, you will have enough of it for use with 5-6 pieces of oil, if a family of 4 people will use BieM every day for a week.

Biem costs $ 129.

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