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Heating in Moscow will be postponed

by ladynews

The trial supply of heat to the apartments of the capital was postponed to the end of September. Although earlier employees of the Moscow United Energy Company reported that the inclusion of heat will be carried out on September 26, but the date was postponed. This happened due to the fact that now the weather is favorable in Moscow and a very warm time is preserved.In general, it is customary to start the heating season of residential buildings according to the established standards when the average daily air temperature on the street rises no higher plus 8 degrees for 5 days in a row. And according to forecasts of weather forecasters during the day within Moscow, from 13 to 15 degrees of heat is expected.

The situation in relation to educational and other social institutions looks different – in such institutions of the social sphere, the supply of heating can be started a little earlier, for this it is necessary to receive an application from the director of the institution. In the current 2011, the trial inclusion of heating was carried out on September 119, and at the moment it was connected to the heating system of more than 500 objects.

The Moscow authorities report that at the moment everything is completely ready for entering the heating season. Heat to residential buildings will be fed until the end of September, but so far the exact date is not determined.

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