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Houses in Canadian technology

by ladynews

The construction of modern residential buildings by Canadian technology becomes extremely in demand due to a number of reasons. First of all, it is the speed of construction. Installation of houses from the Sentwitch panels is carried out in the shortest possible time. Residents do not have to fear the shrinkage of the house and to the interior decoration, as well as to the outer one can begin immediately at the end of the construction. Typically, internal communications, like an electrician, water supply, sewage, and other engineering networks are laid simultaneously with the construction of the house itself. The main constructive element of the house according to Canadian technology is a panel, which consists of three parts – two OSP plates with a layer of polystyrene foam between them. Due to the fact that the walls, floors, ceilings in the finished house are made of the same plates, which at the same time have strict geometric dimensions, it is very convenient to finish the finished house, since there is no need to equalize the already perfectly even surfaces. The ability of Sentwitch Panels to prevent heat loss makes frame houses very warm. You can build a frame house according to any of the large number of standard projects, as well as compose your own – individual.

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