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How to equip a balcony

by ladynews

The balcony is one of the favorite places of rest in the apartment, especially in the summer. It is so pleasant to sit with a cup of tea on it and watch the people who are scurrying around. Therefore, people often treat the arrangement of the balcony with special trepidation, they try to make it not only convenient and functional, but also beautiful. Before proceeding with the design of the balcony, you will decide exactly how you want to use it, why you need it.

If, first of all, the functionality of the balcony is important to you, then it is advisable to install large cabinets on it, where you can store various tools that can come in handy, sunset for the winter, other necessary household items.

On the balcony, you can install a mini-modricular chamber if there is no room in the kitchen. The main condition is that the balcony is heated and glazed.

If you do not have enough space in the apartment, then the balcony can be turned into another room – for example, a game for a child. Get it to your liking, install warm floors – and another room is ready.

If you want to mainly relax on the balcony, then buy a small round table, a couple of chairs in Kyiv, hang light curtains on the windows – and enjoy the rest on your improvised veranda.

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