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How to make a warm floor in a wooden house?

by ladynews

Many people know that the warm floor in a wooden house can be divided into two types: water and electric. Water floors are a pipe system hidden under the floor covering, in which hot water circulates. The electric system of warm floors is hidden current conductors that are connected to heating mats. Instead of mats, heating cables or heating film are also used. Choosing each specific system is necessary depending on the necessary heating power.To arrange a warm floor in a wooden building, professionals recommend using electrical heating systems. It should be noted that in a house with a simple access to hot water supply, it will be much easier to organize floor insulation in a wooden house with your own hands. This option is the most popular when it is planned to clad the floors with tiles. When choosing a certain system, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances for each specific case.


To independently create a system of warm floors in a wooden building, heating cables are most often used, the specific power of which does not exceed 16-17 VM. After buying a cable, you need to determine the scheme of its location in the rooms. The maximum specific power remained within the boundaries, and did not exceed them. Remember that a power exceeding a value of 130 VM2 is considered violating fire safety. At the same time, warm floors will be able to lead to the fire of the house, especially if the warm water floor lays under the laminate.

If the arrangement of the sexes is carried out independently, it is necessary to observe the installation rules with all severity, which, with almost one hundred percent probability, will eliminate the risk of damage to the finish layer or the base of the sexes, and also make the minimum occurrence of other problems.

Precautions that cannot be neglected when installing underfloor systems:

• The largest thickness thickness of wood is 2.2 cm for soft rocks, 2.4 cm for solid rocks.

• laying the heating cable should be uniform on the entire plane of the heated floor.

• It is not recommended to lay warm floor in a wooden house, as well as a cable for furniture. Long reinforced loads to the floor will be transferred to the cable, which will lead to its damage.

• When laying, it is necessary to protect all the floor elements from moisture.

• It is not allowed to use warm floors without equipping with the temperature sensor and thermostat. It is impossible to set the maximum air temperature on the thermostat under the cladding, which exceeds the mark of 4 degrees.

• In a room with warm floors, it is undesirable to use thick carpets, carpet, laminate if such a coating will close the entire plane of the floor.

Such systems are usually hidden precisely with a concrete screed. In this case, it is required to install heating elements under the ceiling, this area is also called an air cushion. Crossings in a wooden structure often cannot carry a large mass of concrete screed, or put a warm floor on a wooden floor. I must say that this is the main problem for the installation of a warm floor in wooden houses.

Organization of warm sexes using this technology:

• Black floors are cleaned of dirt and dust, cracks, cracks, gaps thoroughly put up. If necessary, the base is processed with waterproofing compounds.

• Bars are placed on the black floor, which will serve as a support. To do this, it is better to use slopped bars, the size of which is 4x4cm, it is desirable that their length is the same as the length of the room. The bars are attached to the overlap with screws. The distance between the bars should be at least 40 cm.

• A layer of thermal insulation material between the fixed bars is laid. It is recommended to use material with foil coating, which will operate with a heat mirror, reflecting heat from the cable.

Pay your attention – it is necessary that after laying the thermal insulation layer it is possible to create an air cushion. Her thickness should not be less than 3cm. It must be remembered that the insulation of the floor in a wooden house with your own hands is not recommended.

• A galvanized mesh with an overlap on wooden bars is placed on thermal insulation about one and a half centimeters.

• cables are placed in the same direction as the supporting bars. Between the cable and the bar should leave a distance of at least centimeters.

• where the cable and the beam intersect, it is required to make cuts, the depth of which should be equal to the distance from the upper edge of the beam to the heat -insulating layer. Wards under the cable are closed with metal foil.

• A mounting tape is used to fix the cable. It is attached to wooden bars. To improve the mount, you can use the clamps that are mounted on the net.

Upon completion of all stages, you can proceed to the installation of the final sex.

Thus, a warm floor is made in a wooden house.

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