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How to make supply ventilation in the apartment with your own hands

by ladynews

It’s no secret that air is an integral part of the life of any organism on our planet. Plants need it, animals, people and even fish, who also cannot do without it.

And in a modern apartment without enough fresh air, it is extremely difficult to imagine life. There is enough oxygen in your room, which is an important part of the air, or not simply. If you feel the spaciousness of the air or constantly yawn in the room, this means that it takes an insufficient exchange of air in it.

Supply and exhaust ventilation in the apartment of an ordinary consumer.

In an ordinary average apartment, only an air duct or kitchen and a sanitary unit on the roof of the building usually acts as a supply and exhaust ventilation. They are equipped with small -sized fans. Fans are installed in such a way as to remove air from the room, helping it updated. Another element that consists of supply ventilation in the apartment is an ordinary kitchen hood, which allows you to remove combustion products and unpleasant odors above the stove from the apartment.

Windows may become a supply ventilation in the apartment. Modern double -glazed windows have various micro ventilation holes equipped with filters. For a more efficient and fast air change, the so -called ventilation is used in the room.

These are ordinary and familiar ways of organizing ventilation of premises, but often they are far from enough or their use is not appropriate. For example, in 40 degree frost, it is unlikely that the owner wants to ventilate the room, despite the necessity obvious in this. Therefore, a person seriously cares for his health and the health of his loved ones must think over all issues related to the organization of normal air circulation in the apartment.

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Independent calculation of exhaust ventilation.

To ensure the optimal living conditions in the apartment, the first thing that it will be necessary to do this to make a thorough calculation with the value of the definition, whether an already existing influx is enough or it will have to be modernized. There are several ways that will make it possible to calculate the necessary volume of air for exchange.

1) when calculating, you can take into account only the area of ​​the apartment. According to the standards, for optimal life, air exchange is necessary that at least 3 cubic meters per hour per square meter of housing area occur. This means that for a two -room apartment, a modern layout with an area of ​​54 squares, you get 162 cubes per hour.

2) the second calculation option may be a way that takes into account the number of living in the apartment. According to sanitary standards, at least 30 meters of cubic per hour will be obtained for one living, if there are animals in the apartment, then, for greater reliability, it is possible to calculate them as an adult (in this case, the consumption will definitely not be insufficient). The average Russian family consists of 3 people and they may have a cat or dog, therefore we will get 120 cubic meters per hour.

3) and a more optimal calculation based on the frequency of air renewal in the room. The update will be optimal at least twice per hour. When calculating, it is advisable to remember that there is furniture in the apartment, and the air collection can be reduced to its volume to calculate. But if this is forgotten to take into account, nothing terrible will happen, just replacing will happen more effectively. With the middle area of ​​the apartment in 54 squares and the height of the ceilings 2.7 meters will turn out a figure of 291 cubic meter. That is how much will have to drive out supply ventilation through itself.

Having decided on the volume of air, you can look into the design documentation and clarify to what volume the existing ventilation is designed. Usually, regular ventilation is not enough and you have to modernize and supplement existing systems. First of all, it is worth thinking about the fact that in order to pass through yourself such a flow of air, you need to equip a sufficient cross -sectional air supply. In addition to the fact that it will have to skip air, it is necessary that the flow rate does not exceed 2 ms to maximize the noise. On the Internet you can find several calculation methods and everyone can use the one that the most liked. With a maximum air volume of 300 cubic meters per hour, a round cross section with a diameter of 180 mm will have the lowest noise.

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Do not forget about ventilation and in winter. It is worth installing a disconnecting heater at the air entrance. Do not save on this element in order to avoid a fire in the future. When using a spiral heating element with a capacity of 2 kilowatts and the minimum performance of the calculated system of 183 cubes per hour, you can find out that the maximum temperature at the output will turn out within 30.5 degrees. This means that at a temperature on the street below -20,.

When choosing the heat of the heating element, it is worth considering the cost of its maintenance. At an average price of a kilowatt hour in Moscow, 4.2 rubles monthly use of Tenn with a capacity of 2 kilowatts will cost more than 6 thousand rubles.

Initial installation of supply ventilation.

Previously, we chose the size of the box of which the supply of exhaust ventilation will consist and decided on the heater. If a person set out to clear the ventilation system of his own apartment, then its installation will be carried out on its own.

To begin with, it will be necessary to sketch an approximate plan for the location of the main elements of the influx, and depending on the presence of a stretch or suspended ceiling, select the optimal air duct laying scheme. It should run in such a way as to ensure the influx of fresh air into each room and not spoil the appearance of the apartment. It is not worth considering the ventilation of the kitchen and the sanitary unit – there is quite enough, standard ventilation.

After drawing up the diagram, it is necessary to determine how the air fence will pass from the street. If you have to make a hole in the bearing wall of the building, you will have to obtain permission from local authorities, of course, if the trigger is not in a private house, in this case, permission is not required. You can organize an air fence through a special insert in the window or through a decorative jumper on the balcony.

A full set of parts for the installation of a plastic or metal air duct is purchased. As well as a set of foster filters and mounts. It is not necessary to save on fittings, it is much easier to carry out installation with them than to independently connect the pipes at an angle with a hacksaw.

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Installation begins, using a perforator, marking the places of future fasteners, having previously made a hole for the air fence. When all the holes are marked, it is necessary to fix the fence filter and from it, gradually collect the structure. After collecting the main air duct, it is necessary to check the reliability of the attachment of the knees and fittings. Make sure that the design is stable to minor loads.

Когда воздухопровод полностью собран следует установить ТЭН и приточный вентилятор.

Establishment of exhaust ventilation, electric part.

In order for the resulting design to work and do not interfere in the power supply of the rest of the apartment in emergency situations, it is necessary to install an additional circuit breaker in the distribution panel. The switch is selected depending on the power of the engine and the heater.

Engine and heat element have their own protection, so it is enough to ground them, without resorting to an additional RCD, although it will not be superfluous.

The connection cable must be selected copper with a cross section of at least 2.5 square millimeters.

If all the work is done sequentially and correctly, in further operation, the collected supply ventilation with your own hands will not cause special problems and costs to its owner.

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