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How to wash shoes in a washing machine

by ladynews

It is unlikely that in niches there are at least one family that would not have a washing machine. And this is natural, because manual washing of things has long gone the past. But not all housewives are solved in a typewriter in a typewriter. And some, we do not exclude this, generally believe that shoes cannot be washed in a washing machine. So which of them is right and, if shoes can still be washed in a washing machine, then how to do it right?

How to wash shoes in a washing machine

So, first, let’s decide on the concept of “shoes”. In our case, this, of course, is only sneakers, moccasins, slippers, sneakers and any other similar light shoes. Wash leather shoes or boots in the typewriter, of course, is not worth it – after a similar procedure, your shoes can become unsuitable for sock. And your washing machine can become unusable – this also cannot be excluded. But now let’s already talk about the washing of shoes more specifically.

Of course, it is best to wash shoes in a typewriter that provides for this function “Washing shoes” is a guarantee that in the process of washing or after it with your shoes or a machine, nothing will happen. Therefore, if this function is important to you, then when choosing a machine, be sure to pay attention to this.

If there is no such function in your washing machine, then the shoes in it can be compared with a roulette – perhaps your shoes and your home assistant will be taken, but perhaps not. Here, unfortunately, everything can happen.

Before putting shoes in a washing machine, shoes must be carefully examined for what can break into it when washing. Also pull out insoles and laces from the shoes. By the way, you can also put the laces in the machine, but it is undesirable to put the insoles there – it is better to take the brush and clean them with soap water or water with washing powder.

Now we go to the soles of the shoes. Carefully remove all sorts of pebbles, branches and all the stuck dirt from it. So that all this is completely removed, rinse the sole of the shoes under a strong stream of cold water.

How to wash shoes in a washing machine

Of course, it is advisable to wash your shoes in a special shoe washing case. If you don’t have such a case, then you can put your shoes, for example, in an old pillowcase, or put towels or rags that are unnecessary to you with shoes in washing in washing. This is necessary so that the blades of the drum do not beat in the process of washing about heavy sneakers or any other shoes. This you will protect your car from the breakdown.

Do not try to wash all your dirty shoes at once. You need to wash one, maximum, two pairs of shoes. Especially if your shoes are large. Unfortunately, there have been such cases when shoes broke the glass in the door of the washing machine. Therefore, be more careful.

If your machine does not have a special program for washing shoes, then wash it on a delicate wash at low temperature – preferably no higher than 40 degrees. In addition, the low water temperature is good for the washing machine – washing at this temperature does not allow to form scale.

As for the washing powder, it is not required to wash the shoes of special powder – you may well use the one that you have in your house. You need to pour it in the amount in which you would pour it when washing things.

Of course, when washing shoes, you definitely need to turn off the “squeezer” function so as not to damage the machine. It also makes sense to turn off the other function “drying” if you have it. High temperature can lead to deformation of your shoes.

How to wash shoes in a washing machine

After your washing machine pains your shoes, rinses it and disconnects it, you will need to pull out the shoes and dry it. To do this, you can tamp the paper into it and change it as it is saturated with moisture. So your shoes in the process of drying will not lose its shape. In winter, the washed shoes can also be put on the battery by previously putting a towel or other moisture absorbent on it. And in the summer it can be dried without the use of heating devices, just in the heat. If you are afraid that it is deformed from the sunlight, then put it in not newspapers – this will save it from deformation.

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