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Infrared warm floors

by ladynews

I immediately want to notice that infrared warm floors enter a group of electrically devices, since not only objects but also air are capable of warming. It is this characteristic that helps to evenly distribute heat, around the entire perimeter of the room, thereby creating a favorable atmosphere in the house.

Here I would like to notice that the floors with an infrared heater is a kind of young product category, which only recently began its procession in the vastness of the Russian market.

It should also be noted that these floors are divided into types of execution, namely, they are core or film. The fundamental difference between this material is, of course, the styling method, namely, there is either a wet or dry way.

Of course, there is another way of laying infrared warm floors, namely the film that is a polymer moisture -permeable film in which an infrared element made of such material as carbon.

In addition, the film floor does not require the fact that a screed was carried out here, so you can lay any kind of flooring but only “dry”, namely a parquet board, linoleum, carpet, etc.D.

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