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Installation of sandwich panels

by ladynews

In the installation of sandwich panels lies many features in comparison with traditional installation work. Even the brigade from a small number of workers will cope with the installation of a decent large object quickly enough.

But so that it is necessary to comply with the very technology of this installation. And for this reason it should be better to contact professional installers. To start the installation of sandwich panels, there is a check for accuracy and compliance with the project. Before starting the installation of the panels, the film is removed from the inside, and outside after the completion of the installation, while no later than 4 months from the date of purchase of the panel.

During the installation process, you need to press the panel itself using a special tool that allows you to correctly connect the elements, without the risk of damaging the panel. The panels are attached to the structure using special connectors recommended by the panel plant. For the use of third -party connectors, the approval of the manufacturer of such panels is required.

It is better to install connectors with a special screw for such work. At the wind speed of more than 10 msek, it is not recommended to engage in installation work, as well as during thick fog or precipitation of the atmosphere.

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