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Installing a fence from corrugated board

by ladynews

In the first lines, it should be noted that the fence from corrugated board can be installed in just one or two days without much effort. Consider in more detail how to do it.

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So, first you need to prepare a frame for fastening the sheets of the professional. To do this, it is necessary to set first of all two straight pillars from the beginning to the end of the alleged fence, between which it will be necessary to stretch the rope for marking. The length of this rope through the same distance should drive pegs. In the place of these pegs, then it will be necessary to pull out pits for installing pipes-string.

When installing columns, it is important to continuously make control using the building level. After installing all the logs, Zhilina should be welded to them. At the end of these works, you can start fastening the sheets themselves from the corrugated board.

It is important to note that this type of fence is perfect for those areas where gusty, squall winds are often present. The usual wooden fence of such loads may not withstand.

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