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New Opera Theater in Busan

by ladynews

Located in the area of ​​the Northern Port of Pusan, the second largest city in the Republic of Korea, the new opera, the proposal of architecture David Tajchman seeks to bring the new island of culture of marine landmarks and character on the scale of the city and at the international level. Surrounded by the sea, city buildings and mountains, “Operascope” is understood as a musical instrument of inaging the machine.

Dedicated to music and the sea, the proposal is a vertical concept reaches 80 meters in height and offers 360 views of degrees. Expression of the sea sound, this body sound materializes the air of the air flows with an envelope. Read more: Glass tubes of structural leather skin also fragments of an external urban landscape, creating pusan kaleidoscopic perception. Using several thousand pipes of the purex of proposal and kinetic distortion outside of reality. OperaScope, this ravine -technological musical instrument with its document is used as a device to see.

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