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Saman in the modern interior of the room

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Saman in the modern interior of the room

In fact, all cultures and, in addition, ancient civilizations used a saman (a solution of ordinary clay, sifted sand, as well as organics) for the construction of buildings, buildings. In this publication, we consider the important issue of using Saman in the interior decoration of the room.

Saman is a very plastic solution, which can also be given each form. This ability of natural initial raw materials will provide creative people with the opportunity to act as a sculptor of their interior decoration of the room.

Saman is endowed with unique qualities:

Moisture in the room balances

He accumulates heat

Cleans the air

suitable for re -use

has a low cost (clay soils are common everywhere)

And the most basic thing is that Saman is incomparably suitable for construction and, accordingly, housing registration on its own. Despite this, because the usual clay of natural material exists and, in addition, a number of flaws:

The heterogeneity of the composition

The most important sediment when dried up

very poor resistance to humidity.

Only thanks to a higher interest in environmental, cheap materials, and positive results of studies of vaulted and, in addition, dome -like coatings from clay concrete on the psychological state of residents, Saman is now very relevant than ever before. The laboratories of experimental construction at European universities are working on the improvement of technologies, the properties of this oldest building material.


Subject to an ordinary city apartment for the formation of ceilings and walls, you can also limit yourself to decorating external coating imitating ordinary clay with ordinary straw. It is easy to apply to plaster, concrete, wood, drywall, hides the irregularities and defects of the walls (partitions).

For a suburban house or cottage, the option of applying plaster with an ordinary clay solution for indoor work is suitable. By composition, the method of application distinguishes generally accepted plaster, torquesteat, clay -cooramzitov, African, pr.

Generally accepted plaster is made up of clay soil, water, coarse -grained pure sand, fibrous additives. To increase the high strength of the surface, its moisture resistance to the mixture adds cow manure, casein, others. The thickness of the plastering schedule is 15 millimeters, several layers are applied manually, respectively, in order to avoid the occurrence of shrinkage gaps.

The torquesteler is made up of clay soil, water, fibers of outdated paper, sometimes with the addition of lime and, accordingly, gypsum. The composition is applied in 1 layer up to 30 millimeters with a screw electric pump. Endowed with very high insulation properties.

Glinocaramzite is made up of clay soil, water and, in addition, 4 mm clash aggregate with the addition of fibers of outdated newspapers or casein adhesive composition. The thickness of the solution of the solution in the region of 8 millimeters. It also has very high heat -insulating properties, a relief texture.

African plaster is a generally accepted African version of applying a plaster solution by manually throwing balls from clay mass on a partition (wall). For the best adhesion, woody long pins are driven into partitions. Impeccably adjusts moisture, and also accumulates heat.

Non -standardized option

Separately, it is necessary to note a fairly unusual method for the release of partitions (walls), catwalks – a kind of way of glin -raised products in the paper membrane (resembles the technology of sausages). They can also be given every form without breaking them and.

The fabric with manual smoothing is impregnated with clay milk, which serves as an adhesive composition for products collected in the design. Ground surfaces reinforce (smear). They need to be covered with paint based on lime with the addition of casein or cottage cheese peeled from fat.

The best option: 1 part of cottage cheese peeled from fat, 1-3 separate parts of hydraulic lime, as well as 1.5-2.5 separate parts of water. Ordinary lime coloring with drying has a light white color tone. If necessary, you can also add color clay -poroshol to the mixture.


The floors in this interior of the room are performed with wooden or laid out with tiles with tile. Doors and windows – simple designs from natural materials.

Furniture can also be simple minimalist forms. Separately, it is necessary to say the possibility of changing the generally accepted rather soft furniture to the bars of free shapes, which are located immediately on the flooring or on manual clay podiums. The high-profile niches and, in addition, the winter well-groomed garden in the neighborhood with cool high-haired technology for household needs will fit into this interior decoration of the room.

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