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Silk plaster

by ladynews

Silk plaster is in great demand among consumers who like to decorate their interior with exclusive materials. She deserved great love due to the presence of many virtues and unique properties.

The silk plaster contains cellulose, polyester, binders and acrylic additives and painted fibers of natural or artificial silk. The wall decoration with this material resembles a fabric coating, and the larger the fibers, the more unique and brighter your room will look more and brighter.

Silk plaster can be selected in a variety of shade, with the addition of sparkles or golden. Most often, such plastering based on artificial silk is sold in construction stores, and not natural, since it increases its cost by an order of magnitude.

Most apartments cannot boast of perfectly even walls and straight angles. Therefore, when decorating such walls, it is necessary to additionally use either plasterboard sheets or a lot of ordinary plaster, which not only carries an increase in repair costs, but also visually reduces the space. When decorating such walls silk plaster, such problems will not arise. After all, she is not at all afraid of all kinds of irregularities, defects, while she does not form any seams. On the contrary, she skillfully hides all the irregularities, while creating a unique design of the room.

What other advantages does silk plaster have?

1. Environmental friendliness.

2. Easy to apply, that is, even a novice builder can easily work with it.

3. Antistatic, resistance to the propagation of fungi and bacteria.

4. High sound insulation and thermal insulation.

5. Not deformed.

This material also has one important drawback – it cannot be used for decoration of rooms with high humidity, in smokers, in the kitchen, as it attracts all surrounding smells.

After the surface is prepared for silk plaster, you can proceed to prepare the mixture. To do this, you need any plastic container and water. The mixture is divorced strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A solution is applied either with a spatula or using a cell, a layer of about 1-2 cm.

I would like to say for the future that if suddenly any defects or spots form on the surface of silk plaster, you can easily repair them. To do this, it will be necessary to wet the area requiring the repair with water, tear off the old plaster with a spatula, and apply a new prepared mixture to the damaged place. That’s all, the walls will again delight you with their beauty.

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