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The device of the Russian furnace

by ladynews

In modern construction of residential buildings, including in the village, the Russian stove somehow fell out, and in vain. In terms of heat transfer with the Russian stove, no heating system can be compared. Anyone who appreciates comfort and comfort will certainly make a choice in favor of the device in his home of the Russian stove. At first glance, it seems that the Russian stove is complex in the device. This is of course so, but not so that it could not put a person with his hands “from that place”.

Depending on the functional purpose of the Russian furnace, there are several of its varieties: heating-welding, classical heating, with a bakery function, improved modern, for a bathhouse, for a sauna. A classic universal is suitable for a village house. It serves as a heating system, ventilation, bread is baked in it, cooks food, dries berries, mushrooms, herbs, clothes, and most importantly – a couch. Here is the miracle function of the Russian stove! Its significance is invaluable. The bed serves as an additional sleeping place and a place of rest, she warms and heals.

The device of the Russian furnace begins with the choice of the place of its placement, shape and size. It is more advisable to put the furnace in the center of the room and only then to plan the interior walls. In the old days, the Russian stove was placed in the corner at the front door. Having chosen the shape of the furnace are determined with its size. The larger the stove, the better its heat transfer.

Currently, the standard dimensions have been established, which the master adhere to:

furnace width – 142cm.,

Length – 213cm.,

from floor to bed – 180cm,

From floor to mouth – 90cm.

The basis of the Russian furnace is the foundation. The foundation should be very durable and very even. It is built of cement, brick or stone. The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 part of the cement and 4 parts of the sand. A layer of bricks lays horizontally. The first layer is covered with waterproofing (often roofing ruboroid), then a second layer of bricks is laid. In size, the foundation should be wider than a furnace from 5 to 10cm from all sides.

It is important – the second layer should be strictly at the floor level. In order to avoid fire hazard, sex beams should not fall under the oven.

Next is the masonry of the brick and clay furnace itself. Ceramic brick burned. He is stronger than an unbrued brick raw. The masonry solution is made in the ratio: 1 part of the clay per 2.5 parts of the sand. Clay for the solution is soaked in water for 2-3 days. For the best coupling, bricks should be wetted with water, and then throw a solution with a thickness of 0.5 cm. The entire area of ​​the foundation is laid in two layers of the brick – the base of the furnace (Opeche), then the longitudinal walls, chats, the crucible (subclard), the stove (hylo), the lying, the chimney and other protrusions and holes (for damper, for cleaning the wells from the wells are laid out. soot and others – depending on the shape of the furnace). Only the Russian stove has such distinctive components in its device.

Charges is designed for storage of furnace equipment, crucibles (shade) – designed for an additional firebox. Above the subcock is a suspended – for storing small dishes, sometimes a furnace is built into it for separate cooking food.

The basis of the Russian furnace is of course the stove itself (highlo, the crucible) with the arched arch and. The device of the Russian furnace under is of great importance. It should be smooth, without cracks and a zabrin. For this, it is densely laid out with bricks without a solution and thoroughly polished. Now the production offers on sale under the stone with a continuous or large slabs, which facilitates its device. For greater heat, a small space is arranged in the stove under the layer and fill it with sand or broken glass. A small recess is made on the side – a bent in which hot coals are stored for the next firebox. For better baking bread and pies in the device of the Russian furnace, such a technique as the device of a small lifting to the rear wall of the maiden and the arch of the furnace is used. In this case, the thrust improves and the flow of heat is evenly distributed throughout the crucible. The entrance to the furnace (mouth) is also designed in the form of an arch that it is not difficult and closed by a damper. When burning firewood, thermal rays heat the damper, are reflected from it and go deep into the furnace, which also increases the temperature. For the best heat transfer of the Russian stove, two more inwards are added to the main walls of the furnace, thereby turning three wells. Warm air from the flood and the furnace through the left holes in the inner walls passes along the wells, warming the entire furnace, and goes outside. Five and seven wells are laid out in large rooms. In addition, for faster heating and heat transfer, small stoves are laid out in the furnace (recesses in the masonry). The sunbed during the device of the Russian furnace is laid out by overlapping the furnace, forming a flat horizontal surface. Often, if the area of ​​the room allows, the stove is arranged on the side of the furnace to a height of up to 90cm as a continuation. Our ancestors of the Russian furnace produced under the mistress. The vault inside the furnace was laid out no more than 60 cm high., The height of the mouth of the furnace was made along the width of the mistress’s shoulders, the width was wider than the shoulders by 10cm. The width of the sixth was equal to the distance from the elbow of the mistress’s hand to the fingertips of the palm. The finished stove is subject to dry. Dry the stove by burning a small amount of firewood with an open brush (damper) – for more air flow. Firewood for the furnace are laid to the back wall of the furnace. It is better to drown a birch – the hottest firewood. The stove is drowning in the morning and evening. After the firewood burns all the holes in the furnace are left open. Drying continues until a transparent. This is 5-7 days. The stove is ready to fulfill its function. There is nothing superfluous in the Russian furnace device, every detail, each hole is thought out to the smallest detail. Everything has its own functional meaning: from the protrusion for storing matches to the stove for drying mittens. Russian stove is a nurse of the family, warmth and comfort, the soul of the house.

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