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The packaging for the cut watermelon was very popular

by ladynews

Maglio introduced packages for a cut watermelon. These packages will add convenience to customers who are not ready to purchase huge fruits entirely.

A cut piece of watermelon will remain intact and current condition for a long time inside the “watermelon case” of Maglio Watermelon Puch. These packages were even awarded awards in the “Innovative packaging” category at the Convention in Chicago.

The packaging consists of two bags inserted into each other. Different sizes allow the buyer to cut off a quarter or half of the watermelon. A transparent window makes it possible to see a piece of a sealed watermelon.

The design of the package is patented and can be used exclusively maglio. Inside the package, the watermelon will remain fresh for up to 11 days from the date of cutting.

In addition to a long expiration date, the consumer receives the convenience of moving the watermelon thanks to the built -in handle and compact design.

At the moment, the packaging of Maglio is successfully tested by Americans in more than 600 US stores. The company plans to extend its presence to other markets this year.

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