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I accepted the next order in gardening on the shore of Angara, in the very source of it from Lake Baikal, where I needed to shift the existing oven. It was necessary to work in a three -story country house, in which only the first floor was insulated, and the upper ones are designed only for summer residence. Heating of the first floor was carried out by electric convectors and warm floors. For backup heating, in case of turning off electricity, the house has a stove with a fireplace. Her condition was deplorable. The heating panel is above the hob posed by a brick on the rib, almost collapsed. Cracks appeared between the bricks, the width of which reached 10 mm in places. During the operation of the fireplace, smoke was knocked out into the room due to the fact that there was no tooth or smokebone in its structure.Bayaramix, which is finished with the furnace, in the hottest places, especially above the hob, simply burned out.

The furnace that I had to put in return for the existing should have provided:- Fast warming of the house after a week of the owners in the country;- accumulation of heat in an array of the furnace until the morning after the evening firebox;- the ability to observe the flame during the operation of the fireplace;- the possibility of cooking on the hob;- reduction of the occupied area due to smaller oven dimensions.To fulfill the customer’s requirements, it was decided to combine the massive brick heating-welding furnace with the Yenisei factory stove, which has a maximum capacity of 11 kW and the largest glazing area of ​​the firebox from the family of meters. After all, symbiosis of brick and iron furnaces has long been used and has proven itself as the best option for a summer residence.

The metal structure of the fireplace gives an almost instant radiant heat, warming up the room that cooled for a weekly absence of the owners, while the brick array accumulates the heat of fire burning in the furnace of the furnace. And by the time when after the flowering, the fireplace also cools down almost immediately, the brick furnace is already able to send heat to the room.In order not to damage floor ceramic tiles by accidental brick, the floor covered with sheets of corrugated cardon in two layers. To protect the dwelling at a certain distance from the furnace, a plastic film was stretched, because when disassembling old foci there are usually a lot of dust and dirt from soot located inside the channels.The chimney from the old stove was in good condition, in addition, he had a height of more than 10 m, so I decided not to disassemble it, but to hang it. Since, according to the customer, a steel pipe passes inside the brickwork of the chimney, it was necessary to hang it using metal corners of 100x100mm. In fact, it turned out that the steel pipe was inserted into the brick only at the level of the ceiling of the third floor, and below was only brickwork. After suspension of the pipe, the old furnace is disassembled to the base and now you can start laying a new. Z-Media

On the foundation remaining from the old stove -kamin, the Yenisei Kamin was installed, and when masonry between steel and brick furnaces, a gap of 2 cm was left for air convection.The firebox of the brick stove was in the jack of fireproof brick Shb-8. The right and back walls of the firebox are lined flat, and the left – on the rib.If I used the usual clay -sand mixture for laying ceramic bricks, then for refractory – a special refractory mixture – Kertel. I chose a mixture of the company “Hercules”.The front wall of the firebox to increase the service life of the furnace also protected with refractory bricks, putting it in the castle.The hob was installed in the groove chosen in the brick on the kaolin wool so that the gap that compensates for the temperature expansion of the metal remains.The shelf above the hob is made of a corner of 50×50 mm, on which a brick is laid. The second row of the shelf is made with the dressing of the seams. The support of the shelf is made of steel steel bar. The same two rows form the overlap of the lower cap. Bricks in the 20th row are poking out.

To observe the ligation of the seams, the brick is drafted along. A pipe from a steel furnace at the entrance to the brick wrapped with kaolin wool, which fills the gap and makes it possible to move metal parts with temperature expansion without destroying brickwork. I cut the pipe from the fireplace under the very overlap of the furnace. The horizontal channel, through which gases from a metal stove-stone pass to the pipe, has a door for cleaning from ash and soot.Due to the inability to remove the beams when passing through the ceiling, he used vermiculite plates 3 cm thick. The gap between vermiculite and the pipe filled with kaolin cotton wool.At the request of the customer, small niches for drying mushrooms, fruits, berries, as well as things were made over the hob.The stove can work in two modes: summer and winter. In the summer, when only a hob for cooking is used, and the furnace is not necessary to heat the furnace, both valves of the furnace open.When trapping a cold furnace in a country house after a long absence of owners, problems with traction may appear when smoke throws from the furnace to the room. In this case, the opening of the summer set of (lower) for 5-2 minutes will also help.

After restoration of traction, it is closed.700 pcs were purchased for the construction of this furnace. ceramic brick, 50 pcs. Shamotnaya SHB-8, hob 410×710 mm, furnace door 280×250 mm, blossom door 140×250 mm, grate grate 300×250 mm, three treatment doors and two furnace valves.Immediately at full power, the stove cannot be drowned, you must first dry it first. To do this, it needs to be drowned with a small amount of firewood, about 1.5-2 kg per tab, within a week. After the burning of firewood, all the doors open and leave open valves for evaporation of moisture from an array of the furnace. The indicator that the stove has dried up is the lack of condensation on the doors and valves.


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