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Various technologies for building frame houses

by ladynews

A frame house is an ideal option for those who want to get a full -fledged country house in the shortest possible time and for little money, in which you can immediately live, of course, after bringing communications. There are currently many construction companies specializing in frame construction. Trying to stand out among competitors, they come up with various technologies for frame construction, in which the cost and time of work is significantly reduced, but at the same time the various useful properties of the future house are increased. There are several main types of frame construction that have their pros and cons of.

Frame-frame technology

The first type is a frame-frame construction technology. In this option, the construction of the house takes place directly on the site. They bring ready -made beams that are connected on the site, after which they are sheathed on both sides and insulated. Such construction takes more time. Moreover, you cannot build such technology in the autumn period, since heat and soundproofing material can simply get wet, after which it will lose its properties. Nevertheless, there is a plus. This is the ability to fully control the process of assembling the frame and laying of insulation. In addition, you can choose the insulation yourself, which cannot be done in the following version.

Panel technology

The second option is panel. The word speaks for itself. Ready panels are brought to the site, which can only be connected into a single design that forms the house. This option also has pros and cons of. For example, in this technology you can hardly choose material for insulation, since such panels are made at the factory in advance without your participation. Secondly, it will not be able to control the correct assembly of these panels and the correctness of insulation. However, to those people who are far from construction, it does not matter. Pros here overlap the cons of the first technology. As mentioned above, the construction of this technology is carried out much faster, since the site simply assemble the finished panels, and not their creation. Secondly, such technology can be built in autumn up to -10 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the insulation will not be damaged, since it is inside and is reliably protected by various finishing materials. So, if you decide to build yourself a country house using frame technology, then you need to set priorities. If personal construction control is more important for you than the deadlines, then the first option will be more suitable for you. If the timing is more important for you and at the same time it is indifferent what material will be used as a heater, then, accordingly, the second option is suitable for you.

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