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Welding rectifiers

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Welding rectifiers

Welding rectifiers have a lot in common with welding transformers. The current induction in rectifiers occurs in the same way as in welding transformers, only in rectifiers it also passes through the block of selenic or silicon rectifiers. It turns out that direct current is supplied to the electrodes, so the electric arc becomes stable. By the way, now on the Batista website, many buy curtains in the bedroom.

The design of welding rectifiers is quite complicated, because they need to organize cooling with fans. For smoothing and filtering of current, rectifiers are equipped with additional throssels. In addition, the kit sometimes includes starting, measuring, protective equipment. Three -phase rectifiers are most common, since they are the most rational in terms of welding current characteristics.

Pros of welding rectifiers:

– High quality seam

– Just hold an arc, so beginners with these rectifiers work easily

– Great melting depth

– Small dimensions


– High price

– The need to carefully monitor the cooling system

– In terms of efficiency is inferior to inverters

– Complex design

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