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Where to put the refrigerator ?

by ladynews

The place of installation of the refrigerator should not contradict the technical requirements. Behind the back panel and on top, leave a distance of at least 5 cm for the movement of air flows. The location depends on the size of the model. The standard refrigerator has a depth of 60 cm, width depending on the model – 60-80 cm. Narrow refrigerators 45-50 cm wide are suitable for small kitchens.

For spacious premises and large families-models Side-by-Side-wide (about 100-125 cm) with two (sometimes even with three, six) swing doors. Height (varies from 150 to 200 cm), taking into account the necessary capacity and convenience of use for all family members. There are small models (50 cm) placing under the countertop.

One of the most important indicators of the refrigerator is volume (excluding shelves and pallets). In a standard device, it is 200-350 liters, of which 150-250 l is a refrigerator, 50-100 l- freezer. In compact models-about 50 liters, in Side-by-Side-350-450 l (refrigerator) and 200 l (freezer).

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